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MonetiseThis is the brainchild (and I use the term loosely) of me, Sally Feldman – writer, editor, faint-hearted photographer and traveller, cook, glutton, gardener, reader and slave to Labrador siblings Tom and Dusty.

For the past 20 years or so, I’ve worked on various food magazines – Australian Gourmet Traveller, ABC delicious., Vogue Entertaining + Travel, and, most recently, MasterChef Magazine, as its managing editor. I’m happiest, however, when I’m writing travel stories, or about whatever bee is in my bonnet at any given time.

Manifesto Album Cover Make Up by Sally Feldman

’Twas not always thus: the first role on my haphazard career path was as a make-up artist, at the “Rolls-Royce of shop-window mannequins”, Adel Rootstein www.rootstein.com, whose studios were, in the late-1970s, based in London’s Chelsea. Heady days, when punk rock and new wave music were rearing their beautifully ugly heads, and Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood had their clothes shop, Sex, just up the road.

I painted all the mannequins (and did the make-up for two live twin models in the shot) on the album cover featured here – Roxy Music’s Manifesto – in collaboration with photographer Neil Kirk, fashion designer Antony Price and the inimitable Bryan Ferry. Heady days, indeed…

Painting mannequins first brought me to Sydney, my permanent home since 1985. I was dispatched from London in 1980 to Grace Bros (as Myer was known then) in Chatswood, to repaint the faces of its entire collection. I completed this feat in two weeks, hidden from view from customers in a changing room. I was picked up from the airport by a cab driver wearing a cowboy hat, who had his left leg hitched up on the centre console. No wonder I wanted to come back and live here.

Between the mannequins and the magazines, I’ve bluffed my way through a communications degree at UTS, Sydney, worked as an audio producer recording talking books and magazines at Royal Blind Society NSW, and edited a motley selection of books and comics, including The Simpsons, for which, among other things, I edited the letters page (still a career highlight).

The title of this blog was inspired (another term I use loosely) by far too many hours spent in the company of corporate-jargon junkies addicted to the art of obfuscation.

See? No one is safe.

So, that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you. Email feldmans@optusnet.com.au