Driving Miss Rosie

Auckland in April’s delicious. magazine

This is a quick hooroo before Monetise This, her mother and her dog set off on a week’s road trip tomorrow. It will be a mystery tour (to you, at least, gentle reader – I know where we’re going, and I have a strong suspicion that that dog does, too; my mother not so much). Unfortunately, contractual obligations mean I can’t divulge where we’re going, for fear of scaring the butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, restaurateurs, bartenders, chefs, producers, entrepreneurs and hoteliers we may meet along the way. Not that any of them would have a clue who we were, anyway, even if we told them.

This road trip is also a pre-emptive celebration of my mother, Rosalind’s birthday in April. She intends to make it to her 80th if it’s the last thing she does, just so she can cock a snook at the rest of her pathetically short-lived relatives ensconced in that great, bustling salt-beef bar in the sky.

But I hope it won’t be.

So for the time being, I’ll leave you with this now-ubiquitous piece of blogoriphic self-promotion for my Auckland travel feature in the April issue of delicious. magazine (OUT NOW!!!). With thanks to Mimi Gilmour, tireless locavore and the fastest talker in the Southern Hemisphere, and all the lovely folk at Tourism New Zealand.