Happy birthday to us

Lucy and Monetise This

Monetise This is celebrating its first birthday today, in much the same way it celebrated its launch last year, with the occasional gnashing of teeth and intermittent waves of despair. (But happily, without the added inconvenience of A: the London Olympics; and B: flu.)

Granted, the gnashing and waves are no longer brought about by this particular media platform, though there have been many times when I’ve twisted my proverbial ankle teetering around on it. Far more pressing issues to infuriate, frustrate, rail against – but let’s not get into such fripperies as Australian politics on such a momentous day, eh?

Other platforms have not faired so well: Twitter lasted about a week before it brought on severe anxiety attacks (too many comments, opinions and jokes about stuff I hadn’t had the time, energy, or wit to read about quickly enough).

An uneasy (essential, allegedly) relationship has been duly forged with LinkedIn, but it only serves to highlight my paltry networking and business skills, inspire awe and envy of those of my cohorts (‘Variance Analysis’ – who knew?), and showcase my deficient credentials for career opportunities such as Leader of the Free World (‘must have PowerPoint and be a team player’).

Grey Glacier, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Most recently, after a pause that lasted some six months due to my unmitigated fear of the unknown, I’ve engaged in a now-flourishing romance with Instagram (or A-lot-later-gram, as I’ve dubbed it, owing to my characteristic techno-tardiness and stumbling mastery of its myriad secrets; namely, sharing pictures instantly).

But there have been triumphs, too – trips taken (no, gentle readers of a certain vintage, not those kind), travel stories written and published, cookbooks edited, Women’s Weekly readers satiated and blog posts survived without lawsuit. New friends made (and not just Facebook ones, praise be) and, so far, none lost (as far as I know). Food cooked and eaten without injury (and blessedly unphotographed, for the most part).

And plenty of lessons learnt. First and foremost: the more people who officially ‘like’ one’s Facebook page, the less likely it is to transmit any of one’s posts. Of the now 555 august followers of Monetise This, some three of you will likely be granted access to it at any one time (thanks, by the way). Damn your eyes, dark lords of anti-social media.

Dog at The Dromedary Hotel, Central Tilba, NSW

Second – no matter how profound, fascinating, erudite and entertaining one’s writing may be (or not), there’s nothing like a cute dog picture to pull in the punters. So I’ll end as cynically as I began a year ago (and, coincidentally, at the top of this post), but without the ruthless exploitation of my own hapless pet just this once. It was taken on a recent trip to the South Coast, which I’ll be posting about imminently. Stay tuned, and thank you for not deleting.