Everything but the kitchen sink

photo (2)For those of you who have now liked Monetise This on Facebook and live in Clarksville, Arkansas or Godalming, Surrey, or wherever my 100-something new best friends hail from that I’ve never been to, I’d like to extend a warm welcome and thanks, especially as it’s quite obvious that most of you just got drunk and clicked on something because it had a cute dog picture, as, indeed, I am prone to do myself.

And apologies, because now you’re sober, you’re reading this.

Bye then…

For those of you who still think anyone who is owned by a dog that cute has got to be worth hanging around with, let’s move right along.

‘Good Food’ is a newspaper section devoted to – yes, you guessed – good food, which comes out every Tuesday in the Sydney Morning Herald, published by Fairfax, a venerable publishing institution. So venerable indeed, that, like so many other of the world’s venerable publishing institutions, its venerability is rather vulnerable these days.

‘Good Food’ (which recently changed its name from ‘Good Living’ – and fair enough, at least we now know where we stand) ran an article last week by another venerable institution, Jill Dupleix (former ‘Times Cook’ – for the Godalmings among you), food writer and muse to partner-in-life-and-eating, Terry Durack. Together, they are the Gough and Margaret Whitlam of the food world (Google ‘em, Arkansas). Very tall.

‘10 Cool Tools: Jill Dupleix’s essential equipment for the modern kitchen’ included the following:

1. The Oat Miller

2. Microplane grater

3. iPad

4. Himalayan pink salt block

5. Mexican tortilla press

6. Pressure cooker

7. Mandoline slicer

8. Sous-vide machine

9. Digital probe meat thermometer

10. The Smoking Gun

Here’s the link – it makes for sobering reading, if only by highlighting just what we don’t have enough of in our miserably unmodern kitchens: http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/cuisine/the-10-essential-kitchen-tools-20121022-2813m.html

And thus inspired, I give you mine:

1. Running water

2. Knives

3. Bandaids

4. Loud music to mask screams

5. Cupboards

6. Food

7. Pans

8. Heat source

9. Digital SLR

10. Food stylist

Without these, the modern kitchen is nothing, people.