Stuff I like: Happy International Left-handers’ Day

Spring in August: the sky is falling

Just a quickie. I wanted to send a belated message of good wishes and solidarity to all my fellow lefties. No, not you…

A startling fact was brought to my attention this morning by my young, winsome and temporary colleagues at ABC delicious. magazine. Today is International Left-handers’ Day (and, indeed, has been thus since 1992, as far as I recall from my fleeting check on Google just now).

I can’t believe I’ve missed it for all these years. Granted, this may be because I’m not, technically, a thoroughbred ‘cack ‘ander, as our family has always so charmingly coined it. I do certain things with my left hand; others with my right. Writing, drawing, cleaning, soup-and-wooden-spooning, unscrewing: left. Cutting, chopping, slicing, stirring, scissoring, tennising, knife-and-forking: right. But I’m not technically ambidextrous, either, as these (dubious) skills cannot be alternated ‘twixt those two extremities. Ambi Pur then.

That news this morning was slightly less well received, and only briefly retained in my increasingly sieve-like memory, because I’d awoken with something of a start at 5.30am to the familiar doleful, relentless calls of our miserable bastard of a local koel (local koel – try saying that after a couple of glasses of pinot and a ‘Rural Juror’ episode of 30 Rock).

Too soon. Too soon… Koels, jasmine blossom, purple lilly pilly berries. I’ve only just mastered winter braises, already. We’re all doomed.