Postcards from Santiago

Before Monetise This heads off to the big chill on NSW’s far south coast for a week (hopefully without the dead body and daggy sports shoes – oops, too late – but with an equally alluring soundtrack – Disclosure, Frank Ocean, Hot Chip, Two Door Cinema Club, Deep Sea Arcade, Cody Chestnutt, Tame Impala, Grizzly Bear, among far too many others to fit in my glovebox) for a long-anticipated road trip en famille (DJ silver fox, the chocolate labrador and yours truly), here’s an abbreviated album of images from my recent trip to Santiago in Chile. As I mentioned on a recent page I posted with images of Valparaiso (mistakenly, I might add – it’s really buggered up my menu bar up the top here, so I might try to turn it into a post at some point, if I can only work out how to do it), there was too little time to really get to the heart of the place.

If anyone out there in blogsville can identify the name and creator of the other sculpture on the Pedro de Valdivia bridge, I’d be most obliged. I’ve searched high and low without success, and I hate not being able to give credit where credit is so splendidly due.

Until we meet again…